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Career Development Program:

Royal Concierge and Security focus on employees and their growth and development. Providing extensive in-office and field training which provides the building blocks for our staff to grow and develop in the right way they are provided additional support while they learn as it prepares them for the next career step they will take in life.

Supported by regular performance evaluations staff are monitored in Red areas, Yellow areas, and Green areas also known as our performance gauge which will track areas that require immediate change, areas of concern, and areas where the staff member is excelling. To assist our staff, monitoring performance is a very important factor in their growth and development.


Royal Concierge and Security is looking for full-time and part-time security guards to fill positions at our sites. We look forward to meeting all interested candidates who carry valid security license as well as valid First Aid &CPR.

Royal Concierge and Security is in support of diversity. We welcome everyone with equal opportunity to apply for positions available within our company.

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