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·Elevator Entrapments

·Flood & Water Leaks

·Fire alarms

·Medical Emergencies

·Suite Response

Elevator Entrapments:

Responding to back up or take control of a situation where professionalism is needed to ensure the correct course of action is taken. Knowing how to talk to and handle an emergency if staff are untrained and are not meeting the expectations of a basic service level.

Flood & Leak Response:

Investigating a flood or leak to locate the source and mediate the damage. While passing the information over to the supervisor or manager of the property. Royal Concierge and Security provides solutions to help, control the situations that can be devastating to a property.

Fire Alarms:

Responding to fire alarms

Making announcements to keep residents informed

Coordinating with the monitoring station and fire department

Resetting fire panels

Resetting maglocks and elevators when the situations is clear.

Notifying the site supervisor and property management

Medical Emergencies:

Assisting during emergencies while following emergency response procedures. Contacting EMS Right away and assisting when they arrive on site.

Suite Response:

Ensuring that all information is noted accurately and all steps that were taken during the whole investigation is noted step by step. This will guarantee that the information provided is the most accurate ensuring that the follow-up can be taken towards the responsible party.