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Message from our CEO:

From Royal Concierge and Security, please ensure all safety precautions are taken during Covid-19. Please be aware of your health and safety as well as those around you.


Dillan Mohammed

President and CEO

Royal Concierge and Security

COVID-19 Precautions & Prevention

1. Get your information from the most credible sources

2. Take the Government of Canada Self-Assessment Tool

3. Stay informed on the current situation

4. Stay at home unless you need something essential or are an essential worker

5. Wash and sanitize your hands regularly and properly

6. Avoid skin-to-skin, and bare skin contact. Wear protective gloves.

7. Know and cooperate with social distancing rules

8. Cover your nose & mouth when you cough or sneeze. Consider wearing a protective mask.

9. Self-Isolate if you are within the vulnerable population

10. Quarantine yourself and immediately contact a health care professional if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or think you have it

11. Keep your homes and workspaces clean and disinfected.

12. Respect Mental Health and use Self-Care Methods

13. Be vigilant for and don’t fall prey to scams

14. Get educated about COVID-19 and coronaviruses, and know how you can make a positive difference