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Committed to providing Solutions, Support, and quick response time. Royal Concierge and Security understand the daily challenges of the industry, that is why we are dedicated in providing industry-leading service.


With over 35+ years in the industry, our management team is always ready to exceed the expectations of our clients and staff. Supporting our staff and clients is our priority.


Trained under our Security Fundamentals program before being dispatched to the field. Our staff is professional and experienced. Understanding the fundamentals of security, our staff will always be prepared for all challenges. While providing excellent customer service our staff will ensure a positive safe and secure workplace.

Dedicated in Providing A Professional and Exceptional Service

Royal Concierge and Security are dedicated to providing the best possible service satisfying and surpassing our client's needs and expectations. We also pride ourselves on ensuring our staff is given support to enhance their knowledge and help them to grow in the industry. Royal Concierge and Security focus on staff development to ensure the best possible service is provided to our clients at all times.


Security Fundamentals Program

With over 35 plus years in the security industry, Royal Concierge and Security believes the importance of training each employee preparing them to respond quickly and efficiently to any and every situation when working at any location no matter what the duties and expectations are. Being prepared and trained enhances your ability to perform even under the most difficult challenging situations. All staff must complete our security fundamentals program to be qualified to work in the field.

Always Being Alert

Royal Concierge and Security has been working with condominiums for over 35+ years and we have become acknowledged as a leading agency in the industry for residential building security. From the very beginning, we guarantee a difference when it comes down to optimizing the operations of day-to-day building security measures. Through the Royal Evolution Program, Royal Concierge and Security employees can participate in a range of training programs and earn certifications in our training courses.

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Royal Concierge and Security specialize in high-rise condominiums and performance management. As a high-energy company, we focus on all details from the start of our projects. While continuing to improve the services we provide, we look to grow and maintain long healthy relationships with our clients. We provide all of your security solutions as your security partner.

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With extensive field experience in the Condo/Residential industry Royal Concierge..


Responding to back up or take control of a situation where professionalism is needed to ensure the correct course of action is taken..


Our Mobile Support provides an excellent physical presence of security when one is needed..

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Royal Concierge and Security offers parking enforcement services on all private property in GTA..


An alarm system is an electronic system that activates in emergency situations...

Extra Coverage

Royal Concierge and Security specialize in Extra Coverage. Understanding what the expectations are, our staff is diligent while on duty.